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Denise deGoumois
New York, NY

e-mail:   aunt_nini@hotmail.com

This will eventually be about “Who?”

OOPS! Our flagship site auntnini.com ("AuntNiNi's Corner — Web design & animation by Denise deGoumois") crashed March 8, 2013. All our files were lost. Then August 20, 2013, we suffered a malware attack and had to reset the whole site again.

We are scrambling to recreate the site. It was long overdue for a re-haul so this may be an act of providence.

auntnini.com was created circa 2000 — before the advent of CSS — and used table layout (see http://aunt_nini.tripod.com). The background color of choice at that time was #69c to match the sky-blue of the Chrysler building image. We have since realized intense colors such as #69c are a poor choice for site backgrounds, but here we are in a ¬†dilemma. Should we continue the difficult sky-blue background or not?

- Denise deGoumois -

Web Master
Wish List

Web design and site development, animation (CSS, Animated GIFs, Flash, AfterEffects), digital illustration and traditional artwork, computer graphics, logo creation, HTML/CSS coding; also electronic publishing production, page layout, typography. (Part-time or project, freelance basis. Available for on-site assignments in NYC.)

Expert Skills

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Flash, Dreamweaver, Corel Painter, QuarkXPress.

Web Fluent

HTML5, CSS3, XML, JavaScript, ActionScript GUI-programming.

Related Know-How
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Past Life

Daily use latest software:— Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AfterEffects, Corel Painter.

Initially, sought print path to publishing/graphics. Now caught up in Web design, illustration, animation, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, electronic, GUI-programming spectacle.

Currently "Web Master, designer" of numerous Web sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, animated GIFS, Flash ActionScript, Aftereffects, Photoshop, multimedia, GUI-programming, etc. Coupled with traditional editorial and illustrative talents/experience, offer strong digital imagery, typography, layout and production skills.

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Credits:   Web design and animation by Denise deGoumois http://www.auntnini.com.

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