Old Stuff at AuntNiNi's Corner — Web design & animation by Denise deGoumois

Web Design & Animaion by Denise deGoumois
84 photo animated GIF
essential cats Ski with Elissa Talia in space
Mr. Cat Camera Pears in Ilustrator

Three images created in Adobe Illustrator.

Jacqueline woman Old sketch of me

This will eventually be Old Stuff

OOPS! Our flagship site auntnini.com ("AuntNiNi's Corner — Web design & animation by Denise deGoumois") crashed March 8, 2013. All our files were lost. Then August 20, 2013, we suffered a malware attack and had to reset the whole site again.

We are scrambling to recreate the site. It was long overdue for a re-haul so this may be an act of providence.

auntnini.com was created circa 2000 — before the advent of CSS — and used table layout (as shown at http://aunt_nini.tripod.com). The background color of choice at that time was #69c to match the sky-blue of the Chrysler building image. We have since realized intense colors such as #69c are a poor choice for site backgrounds, but here we are in a ¬†dilemma. Should we continue the difficult sky-blue background or not?

- Denise deGoumois -

Email contact; aunt_nini@hotmail.com

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Credits:   Web design and animation by Denise deGoumois http://www.auntnini.com.

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