Life Sketches at AuntNiNi's Corner — Web design & animation by Denise deGoumois (mobile-device version)

Web Design & Animaion by Denise deGoumois
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This will eventually be Life Sketches

OOPS! Our flagship site ("AuntNiNi's Corner — Web design & animation by Denise deGoumois") crashed March 8, 2013. All our files were lost. Then August 20, 2013, we suffered a malware attack and had to reset the whole site again.

We are scrambling to recreate the site. It was long overdue for a re-haul so this may be an act of providence.

IL126 watercolor images being depicted here were being exhibited under Sketches when the site crashed. From that page, there were links to other live drawing classes, but we haven;t been able to refigure them yet.

- Denise deGoumois -

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Credits:   Web design and animation by Denise deGoumois

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